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Monday, September 17, 2001

Changed water in 50-gallon/29-gallon system this morning. Transplanted sps in 29-gallon appears to be doing fine. Cut a piece of purple gorgonian and attached it with epoxy to 50-gallon rock. One of the green slimer sps's in the 20-gallon at work is dead. I hope my surviving frag survives. Other two sps from large colony are doing well.
posted 4:59 PM

Friday, September 14, 2001

Major problems in the 50-gallon reeftank. On Tuesday morning, I received a shipment of specimens. I acclimated them to the water in the 50-gallon, and all of them are doing well. The big mistake I made was pouring the water they were shipped in into the 50-gallon tank. Normally, I would have fished out the specimens, but I was at home on a workday and I also was watching the coverage of the terrorist attack and talking to my friend on the phone while I was acclimating the specimens. I expedited the acclimation by pouring the specimen water in the tank when acclimation was finished.

On Wednesday, I noticed a brown jelly around the green slimer. Yesterday, the brown jelly had totally consumed the green slimer and the tri-color next to it. This morning, the brown jelly was on the lower reaches of the huge SPS in the middle of the tank. Luckily, I transplanted some frags of the green slimer to the tank at work and positioned them with epoxy. This morning, they had no sign of brown jelly and the polyps were fully extended. I'll have to make sure the tank at work maintains optimum conditions for SPS growth. I removed all the dead coral this morning. The most drastic procedure was removing the huge SPS in the middle and the rock it was attached to. I broke off a few frags that were farthest away from the brown jelly and distributed them in the 50-gallon tank and the 29-gallon tank. Hopefully, they can escape the infection. The other SPS in the tank haven't been hit yet. I'll have to keep my fingers crossed. I guess the lesson learned is to isolate the water that specimens have been shipped in and to net out the new specimens for the tank. Optimum thing to do would be to have a quarantine tank, but I don't have the room or the time right now to set up another tank. It's unbelievable how fast the brown jelly rapid tissue necrosis (RTN) spreads. When I removed the large SPS growth today, most of it was still healthy, but leaving it in would only leave more healthy tissue for the brown jelly to attack. Normally, I would be very distraught at what has happened to my tank, but with the terrorist attack that occurred on Tuesday, my tank's problems since very irrelevant. In one way I was fortunate since my shipment arrived the night before the attack via Fedex, but then it was the water from those specimens that caused the brown jelly RTN.
posted 9:08 AM

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