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Island Aquatics -
The reeftank.com Yahoo Group is sponsored by Island Aquatics. Island Aquatics has special pricing for group members on a full line of reeftank products. With an emphasis on customer service and competitive pricing, Island Aquatics carries a full line of saltwater aquarium equipment from most major manufacturers like IceCap, URI, Euro-Reef, and E.S.V., etc. Also available through Island Aquatics is fully cured Marshall Island and Kealini live rock. Un-Cured is available by special request. For inquiries, feel free to contact Joe at Sales@IslandAquatics.com.

Reeftank Shops

Aquarium Concepts - Local store in Hayward, CA. A very impressive store in terms of size and the scope of its livestock and hardware. Pristine tanks. It's too bad I have to cross 92 to the East Bay to visit this store (03/2002 update - in a recent visit, my brother showed me that driving across 84 and up 880 is a lot faster if you're driving from Mountain View). I only have time to visit Aquarium Concepts on weekends. The 750 gallon reeftank and the gigantic fluidized bed filter are two of the many interesting things to see at the store. 22398 Foothill Blvd, Hayward, CA  94541. Phone 510-583-9000.

Natural Life Aquarium - Local store in Sunnyvale, CA. Purchased 150g tank, stand, canopy and Euroreef protein skimmer from this shop. Specimen tanks are in great shape. I really appreciate this store since it's a lot closer to where I live than Aquarium Concepts. Very knowledgeable and helpful owner and staff. 305 Town and Country, Sunnyvale, CA 94086. Phone 408-733-1399.

Tropical Paradise - Local store in San Leandro, CA. The place to go for colorful, quality corals. The only place I've seen in the Bay Area with those hard to find corals for sps addicts like me. An even farther drive than Aquarium Concepts for me, but the trip is always well worth it. I've been told one can park in the cul-de-sac by the store without any problem despite the no-parking signs. 295, 139th Avenue, Suite B, San Leandro, CA 94578. Phone: (510) 614-1011.
Hours of operation:
Tuesday-Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 11am-6pm, Monday: 5pm-9pm.

SF Bay Area LFS Review Page - Invaluable for anyone who wants to visit the stores in the Bay Area. I love the reviews on this site. There's no punches pulled with some of the "con" reviews!


AH Supply - DIY kits for power compact lighting systems. Iīve built four lighting systems with their kits and you canīt beat the price/performance of their kits. I love the simplicity of the kits and the ability to customize a kit to fit unique sized tanks or surfaces.

HelloLights - Great service, price,and selection on Aquarium Lighting. They have a wide selection of lighting systems, DIY, and bulbs.

Lifereef - Need an prefilter siphon box/oveflow box that's failsafe?! Get the one from Lifereef. They have a design that you don't have to worry about. Lifereef also makes high quality filter systems.


Inland Aquatics - mariculture facility located in Terre Haute, Indiana with over 35,000 gallons of saltwater dedicated to the propagation, rearing, and holding of ornamental marine fish, hard and softcorals, live rock, live sand, and a variety of marine plants and invertebrates. A source for detritivores, fauna and flora for a refugium.

IPSF / Indo-Pacific Sea Farms - Based in Hawaii, IPSF specializes in captive-bred reef life. IPSF carries a full line of reef critters and substrates which populate your reeftank's sand and rock. The beneficial organisms help keep your tank clean and free of nuisance algae. I ordered the Reef Tank Tuneup with 40 Reef Grazers, 4 species (snails and hermit crabs), the 25 MiniStars with 5 Mama Mia Worms, and the Surfzone Live Sand Activator for my 50G reetank. My order was promptly shipped and well packed, and the critters I ordered were very active when I introduced them to the tank. Check out the IPSF site for more details, including their Kona-grown Live Rock and extraordinary Tridacna maxima clams. IPSF MiniStar picture showing size relative to thumb.

Tampa Bay Saltwater - take 4 million pounds of rock and spread it on 5 acres in the Gulf of Mexico. Wait for a few years and harvest the rock. Coral and live rock farming on a LARGE scale. Read the history of Tampa Bay Saltwater on their Web site. You'll realize the problems you have with your reeftank are nothing compared to what the founder of Tampa Bay Saltwater had to go through to produce a lot of aquacultured live rock.

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