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Monday, June 10, 2002

Purchased 5 more Turbos and 3 Tiger Trochus at Aquatic Concepts. I didn't purchase the large orange urchin there since I already have four urchins in the tank. Hopefully, the added snails will help control the hair algae. Changed 40 liters of water yesterday with Meersaltz. All corals looked great and purple gorgonian has all its polyps fully extended. Fed some Formula One and it really increased the output of the skimmer.
posted 1:10 PM

Thursday, June 06, 2002

Temperature in the house went to the high 80's yesterday. I was able to control the heat in the tanks by using fans to blow air over the top of the tanks. The 20-gallon was up to 87 degrees when I got home since it had an acrylic lid and no fan, but I took off the acrylic cover and set up a fan. The 50G/29G system was kept to 82 degrees because I had a fan blowing across the open top of the 29G. Presently, I have the fans going on at 11:00 am and going off at 1 am. Both the 20G and 50G/29G systems have refugium lights going 24 hours a day which keeps the heat up, but luckily, things cool off to the 70's and even the 60's at night. The key is too bring in the cool air from outside during the night and blow out the hot air which has built up in the house during the day. So once the day starts winding down, it's time to open up the doors and windows.

The light over the 50G tank goes on from 3 to 12 and over the 20G from 6 to 12. Luckily, I also have a lot of RO/DI water to keep up with all the evaporating water. For those not familiar with housing in the South Bay, many houses don't have air conditioning because temperatures do cool down a lot during the night and the humidity stays pretty low. It's nothing like the 24H sticky heat in the midwest. I hope the new house has cooler temperatures during the summer. Oh yes, in addition to cooling down my tanks, I also tried to cool down my 1.5 year old's room by opening the window and turning on a fan. Reeftank temperature's important, but so is the kid's room - must remember that!

posted 9:32 AM

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Green slimer frag polyps are really extended. There's still quite a bit of hair algae here and there, but I think I'm winning the battle. Maybe I should get more big Turbo snails. Temperatures are climbing to above 90 today. I wish I had a temperature controller to turn on the fan blowing across the tank once the water temp went above 80 degrees.
posted 8:48 AM

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Picked up a great green slimer frag last weekend from a fellow hobbyist. I'll have to repay him in kind once I get my tank up at the new house and find room for more corals. The frag is doing very well, and I hope it grows as well. I have to change the sediment pre-filter on the reefpure unit I purchased. I performed a water change with 20 liters water made up of the Meersaltz I purchased from Aquarium Concepts. Everything looks fine for the moment. I'll probably perform a 40 liter change later on this week. Purple Tonga mushroom in 20-gallon split.
posted 2:16 PM

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