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50G Reeftank - NURCE, WaveMaster Pro and Light Timer- June, 1999

I use the NURCE as the water top-off device for the 50-gallon reeftank. Once it is set up, it works very well. I'm very impressed by its construction and simplicity. The NURCE holds about 6.4 gallons. The 50-gallon tank loses about 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon a day. WaveMaster Pro is connected to two Maxi-Jet 900 Powerheads which are directed toward the front center from the rear upper corners of the tank. Far right shows the timer for the 2x96 Custom Sealife Power Compacts I presently have on for six hours a day. Everything sits on a stand that fits a 20-gallon long tank. At the top left, one can see the four-inch depth of substrate in the tank and the PVC tubes support the live rock.

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