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Green Bubbletip Anemone (Entamacea quadricolor)

Purchased a green Entamacea quadricolor at Seascapes on 01/02/99. Put it in the spot where the green open brain coral resided. Clownfish initially ignored the anemone, but then when I checked back on the tank 30 minutes later, the clownfish were deep in the anemone! I regret not filming or photographing the clownfish acclimating to the anemone. It's wonderful watching the clownfish brush their bodies against the anemone's tentacles. The clownfish are well hidden within the tentacles at night. The anemone has moved a little bit upwards from where I initially placed it, but it seems to be very comfortable now. When I was snorkeling at Lizard Island last September, I noticed quite a few brown Entamacea quadricolors with their feet stuck deep within the coral.  I saw Maroon or Cinnamon clowns and another type of clown (sorry, I don't have my clownfish book for the scientific names) within the anemones. The female clownfish were much larger than the males. Anemone Picture 2.


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