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Reeftank Log 04/98

Wednesday, April 01, 1998

Added 10 drops each of Kent Iodine and Kent Strontium/Molybdenum yesterday. In addition to the 30 drops of Reef evolution Iodine and 15 drops of Reef Evolution Strontium a week, I may continue with the Kent supplement regimen because of the protein skimming and Poly Filter use within the tank. There are also a lot of soft corals within the tank and I want the coralline algae to grow well.


Thursday, April 02, 1998

Performed 5 gallon water change before heading off to Las Vegas.


Wednesday, April 15, 1998

5 gallon water change today with the RO-DI water from the Kent Maxxima I recently purchased. I first purged the RO membrane by allowing 10 gallons of product water to flow out of it before I connected it to the DI canister. Output is definitely not 50 gallons per day yet (2.5 gallons an hour). The output is about to 1/2 of a gallon an hour right now. The instructions say to run the system for 10 days before calling Kent that there's a problem with the RO.

With my water change today, I first changed the water, then I took out the algae covered rocks and corals and scrubbed them in the waste water so that the scrubbed off algae wouldn't contribute to the wastes in the tank. I also used a baster to blow off any detritus in the rocks. The waste water was opaque brown after the cleaning. The red mushroom rock in particular had a lot of detritus. I also changed the Poly Filter. Removed all the green star polyps growing on the back of the tank that was to the right of the overflow box for the CPR BakPak. I want the brown button polyps to take over the back wall of the aquarium. I may transplant some on the right side to the left side of the tank.

Protein skimmer produces a lot of foam after a water change. I don't know the exact reason why. I might go back to performing water changes twice a week again until the algae problem is cured. It should be a lot easier now having a RO/DI filter at home. I should probably change the particulate and the carbon filter every three to four months.


Tuesday, April 21, 1998

Checked Phosphate levels last night:

Tap Water: 0.4 mg/l

Water from Kent Maxxima: undetectable

Water from 20g reeftank: 0.2 mg/l

In addition to 30 drops each of Iodine and Strontium a week, I'm also adding 5 drops each a day. I'm really impressed by how the red mushrooms are spreading out.

Yellow tang had some black spots, but they appear to be disappearing. Have stuck to OSI Marine and Vibra Gro every other day for feeding. Try to feed only what the fish can consume in 5 minutes.


Wednesday, April 22, 1998

In retrospect, I think one big reason I didn't have any hair algae for awhile was because of the macroalgae I had growing in the tank. I should get some new macroalgae from SeaScapes or T&T. Noticed a lot of foaming in BakPak after replacing Poly Filter.


Wednesday, April 29, 1998

Performed a 5 gallon water change on Saturday and replaced Poly Filter. Also added 30 drops each of the Aquarium Systems Iodine and Strontium. Replaced wood airstone which was covered in algae. Easiest way to insert back into the BakPak is with the plastic grabbers. SG is at 1.024. Temperature is 77 F. I should take down monthly readings of Nitrate, Phosphate, PH, Alkalinity and Calcium. Obtained some Caulerpa racemosa from Seascapes on Friday and superglued it to two different rocks. Hopefully, its growth will help alleviate the hair algae problem. After thoroughly scrubbing the hair algae covered rocks on Saturday, I can already see it quickly growing back, but the Caulerpa has set down some holdfasts. Two of the Caulerpa transplants look like they're doing well, while a smaller transplant looks a little bit faded. Yellow Tang has quite a few black spots on it. I hope it gets better. I'm concerned all the stuff I stirred up when I tried to siphon out the gunk out of the CPR BakPak last weekend stressed it out. 

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