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Reeftank Log 07/98

Wednesday, July 01, 1998

Moved light purple mushrooms on left side of tank yesterday in the theory that they're what are causing the green open brain to curl up on its lower side. Moved red open brain where the mushrooms used to sit in order to balance the composition. Also moved small button polyps a little bit to the left. In repositioning the light purple mushroom rock, I also changed the face the rock sits on from one of its large flat sections to a narrower edge section.


Tuesday, July 14, 1998

All corals are doing well except for the pastel flower polyps. They seem to be slowly deteriorating. I don't know what the exact problem is. The Caulerpa racemosa is growing well and doing a great job of controlling hair algae growth. The coralline algae is growing well also. I should do a water change before I leave for Orlando this weekend. The large green button polyps on the back left are starting to gain some color back. I'm not sure exactly why they faded in the first place. Plucked some hair algae yesterday. Used epoxy to seal up Kalkwasser dripper drip valve. Hopefully, the epoxy will prove more reliable than silicone sealant which eventually lost its adhesion. No hair algae has recently grown on substrate surface. Have to have a better method of attaching powerheads to back of aquarium so that ineffective suction cup doesn't fail and drop the powerhead deeper into the tank. I'm thinking of epoxying or supergluing the powerhead suction cups to the back of the tank, but I don't know if that's a good idea especially if I have to replace the powerhead since with the powerhead near the top of the tank, it would be impossible to remove the powerhead without removing the suction cup attachment. Wait, I just realized the bracket for the suction cups can be pulled off the suction cups so that I can attach the suction cups to the back of the tank and easily remove them when I need to replace or clean the powerhead.

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