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Reeftank Log 11/98

Tuesday, November 17, 1998

Performed a 5 gallon water change on 20 gallon tank today. Noticed that hair algae is only exiting on 2 or 3 small patches now. Had to remove Caulerpa racemosa growing on other rocks and the back wall of the tank. Replace airstone. Have to get a suction cup holder for the airline for the airstone so that it stays deep in the protein skimmer. The skimmer's venturi doesn't seem to produce much air on its own. I may take off the muffler again to increase the air production.


Sunday, November 28, 1998

Increased lighting to 6 hours a day. Scraped 2" x 2 " section inside of skimmer clear so suction cup for airline tube for airstone inside skimmer has a firm surface to hold on to. I'm going to cut the addition of gelatin-based foods to just once a week since I think the phosphates in the food really contribute to hair algae growth. The hair algae growth is confined to only three or four small areas in the tank, but the recent growth looks very strong and green. I wish there was some way of getting rid of the scum layer on the top of tank. The overflow for the CPR BakPak doesn't seem strong enough to suck the scum out and the powerheads only break up the scum in the center of the tank. It really isn't causing a problem since the PowerCompacts are so strong that the corals and macroalgae are doing fine. It just looks kind of aesthetically unpleasant with the scum layer on top.

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