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Reeftank Log 12/98

Tuesday, December 15, 1998

Purchased 30 pounds of live rock and a CPR BakPak 2 from Eric Olivares last week. He gave me a good deal on the live rock ($110) and the BakPak 2 ($90). The new design of the BakPak 2 will help decrease salt creep, but I don't like how a few bubbles are sucked into the outlet tube into the tank - but the bubbles aren't the microbubbles from the venturi, so it really isn't much of a problem. CPR tech support said that when they totally submerged the inlet of the outlet tube of the BakPak 2 that too much backpressure built up at times. CPR was very quick in responding to my questions about their BakPak 2. I put the rock in a 20-gallon long. I've put the 36-inch Power Compact on top with only the 7100K light on for four hours. I'll put two 20-watt Tritons on top for six hours a day once I receive the SHO lights from Perfecto for my freshwater tank. The rock I bought from Eric looks pretty good. He originally purchased it from Seascapes. There's a lot of coralline algae growth on all the rock. There's also these weird white polyps about 8 mm long on some of the rocks.


Friday, December 18, 1998

Looked at the surface of the 20-gallon high tank today and noticed there wasn't a scum layer anymore. I also looked into the CPR BakPak surface skimmer and noticed the small white polyps are now gone. White branching growths are growing from the live rock I purchased from Eric Olivares. I really don't like all the salt spray the new CPR BakPak 2 creates. It quickly coats any light fixtures above the tank. Saw a beautiful fluorescent pink bubble tip anemone at Seascapes yesterday. I'm almost tempted to purchase it and hold it in the 20-gallon long holding tank with the live rock until the 50-gallon is ready to set up. There were also a lot of beautiful Tridacna crocea clams at Seascapes.

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