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Reeftank Log 05/99

Tuesday, May 25, 1999

As we enter the last days of May, I have reef keeping on the brain again because I've finally started to set up the 50-gallon tank that has been sitting in the dining area for months. I used adhesive felt pads underneath the aquarium stand to cushion the floor against the weight of the aquarium. I also slipped an additional set of pads on the right side of the aquarium to balance it out since the floor isn't quite level.

I was able to set up the sump and protein skimmer. I really like the design of the Marineland Tidepool II sump. It has a very simple design and gives you a large area in the sump area for the heater and protein skimmer. I connected the two powerheads in the tank to the wavemaker. It's pretty cool watching the turbulence caused by the powerheads. Presently, the Hagen 402 pump I'm using as the return from the sump is only pumping about 100 gph. I'm going to try to install a Hagen 802 pump today as a supplementary return pump.

I installed a 1.5 inch plenum by stacking two layers of Lee's undergravel filter plates and then placed about 75 pounds of Caribsea aragaonite substrate on top for a 4-inch layer of substrate over the plenum. I was stupid in adding the filter plates and aragonite before adding the water. I should have added the water first and then the plates in order to make sure there was no air underneath the plates. I'll still have quite a bit of live rock in the tank in case the plenum doesn't work as it's supposed to.

I'll add the 50-gallon bag of Instant Ocean tonight and then supplemental to get to 1.025 sg before I leave for Massachusetts on Thursday. Two items that look interesting are the Nurce and the Sea Swirl. The Nurce looks like a definite addition to help with maintaining the water level of the tank while the Sea Swirl may be a purchase later on.

I also have the 4-inch fan I purchased from Radio Shack blowing underneath the main tank so that condensation doesn't develop underneath the tank from the sump. It should also keep the overall water temperature cooler once the days start getting warmer.

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