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Reeftank Log 05/2000

May 25, 2000

The first heat wave of the year hit last week, but it appears my tanks made it through okay. Closing the blinds and fans blowing over the tank or sump surface help a lot. I was particularly concerned since I have SPS corals, but the temperature never seemed to go over 88 degrees.

One of the ballasts or sockets went out on my Custom Sealife 2x55 for the 20-gallon tank so Im going to put together a DIY AH Supply hood for the tank. Ive been trying to get info on a replacement ballast for the Custom Sealife, but no one seems to be able to get me a price or availability.

Purple gorgonian fragment is dead. It seemed to get covered by brown algae.

Removed homemade concrete plugs from growout tank at work. I suspect the concrete I use may be leaching something toxic since the green star polyps in the tank have died back and the Xenia look weird even after I did a 5-gallon water change and added Poly-Filter and carbon.

Adding four tablespoons each of C-Balance to 50-gallon tank on a weekly basis. Tried adding a more powerful powerhead to 29-gallon refugium, but it sucked up the Gracilaria. I wish I could get rid of the slime growth on the front surface of the refugium. Im still tempted to get a sea cucumber that will vacuum the bottom of the refugium.

May 30, 2000

Bubble-tip anemone split in two sometime over the past few weeks. I noticed one part of the anemone walking away from the other part yestereay evenining. This morning, the new anemone was behind the overflow. The new anemone doesnt have bubble tips and no white areas at the tips. I hope it finds a good home soon in a rock crevice. I should probably put a grate in front of the powerhead on the left so that theres no potential of having a wandering anemone sucked in. The other alternative is to put a foam block around the powerhead inlet and cleaning it periodically.

On the right side of the refugium, I attached a piece of grating so that none of the Red Tang Heaven would float toward the left and get sucked into the powerhead.

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