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Watermelon Mushroom (Actinodiscus sp.)

January 9, 1999 - I always give my tank a quick glance in the morning and I was shocked to see a mass of red eggs coming out of the orifice of one of my watermelon mushrooms. I had noticed some red within the mushroom before, but I just thought of it as some additional coloration. I quickly grabbed my Kodak DC120 digital camera and attached a +4 Tiffen lens. I was able to grab this flash shot of the watermelon mushroom spewing out the eggs. I was also able to shoot another picture, but it wasn't as clear. There was only a very thin membrane around the eggs. Once they had drifted a few inches from the mushroom, they were quickly dispersed by the powerheads in the tank. I saw my clownfish eat a few of the eggs. I thought later on that the red eggs and the green body of the Actinodiscus were a great reason to call this specimen a watermelon mushroom. What a great way for my reeftank to start off the new year!


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