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Monday, January 15, 2001

A whole set of new images of my 50-gallon and 29-gallon tanks that share the same sump. I'm particularly intrigued by the small new xenia in IMG_0176.jpg.

Reeftank.com Images

I can't wait to get an additional lens with better macro capabilities.
posted 9:19 PM

Wednesday, January 10, 2001

Here is an example of what the Canon Powershot G1 is capable of. The following pictures are the same shot, except a smaller area is cropped with each subsequent shot to a max width or height of 600 pixels in order to show the fine details that this camera can bring out.

Tridacna crocea Clam Shot 1

Tridacna crocea Clam Shot Zoom 1

Tridacna crocea Clam Shot Zoom 2

According to Daniel Knop in the February 1998 issue of Aquarium Frontiers:

"T. maxima may also be confused with the closely related T. crocea. In addition to the difference in size, most T. maxima have a row of hyalin organs near the edge of the syphonal mantle that look like dark, pimple-shaped, pointed elevations. While these hyalin organs are also present in T. crocea, they are spread over the entire syphonal mantle."

From the closeup pictures, it looks like the hyalin organs are all over the syphonal mantle, which would make my specimen a Tridacna crocea. The shell is also more rounded and doesn't have the rows of fluting along the side of the shell that a T. maxima has.

I just posted to rec.aquaria.marine.reefs that this was a T. maxima, but upon a closer look, I think I have a T. crocea. I'd appreciate feedback on whether I'm correct with my identification.
posted 10:20 PM

The living section of the epoxied green slimer frag is showing full color and extension on one branch. Hopefully, the frag is now stable and will start growing over time just like the other frag. Received the Canon Powershot G1 on Monday and it is a great camera. So far, my best pictures have been of my main green slimer growth and the Maxima clam.

Moved a three head section of pom-pom xenia to the propagation tank at work. Because of its shape, I could use fishing line to secure it to a piece of Cercona artificial rock. I initially tried to superglue it, but that didn't work out too well. I also turned off one of the two powerheads connected to the wavemaker in order to give the transplanted Xenia slightly calmer water conditions for it to latch onto the rock.

I moved one of the SPS corals to the left of the tank since it was touching the clam's mantle. I hope it grows out so that there's a SPS chemical barrier on either side of the Xenia in the middle left of the tank.
posted 3:52 PM

Saturday, January 06, 2001

4-line wrasse looks like it's looking a lot more comfortable in the tank. Tang is really munching on the Tang's Delight these days. There's a weird film algae forming on the front of the 20-gallon. Mushroom corals and green star polyps look great with full expansion and vibrant colors. Man, a Flame Angel would look great in the 50-gallon tank, but the main thing I'm concerned about would be if it went after the clam mantle. I have so much Xenia growing, I really wouldn't mind if he ate some. Maybe I'll just get four green chromis first - if I can find them!
posted 12:01 AM

Thursday, January 04, 2001

I hope tissue recession has ceased on the green slimer frag I epoxied earlier this week. Next time, I'm going to epoxy a frag on only one end of the frag instead of along its whole length. I think the combination of superglue and epoxy may have stressed the frag too much.

Purchased a 4-line wrasse with beautiful colors from Aquarium Concepts. I really like that store. Maybe I'll try to pick up some green chromis from Seascapes tonight.
posted 4:59 PM

Monday, January 01, 2001

Changed 5 gallons in the 50-gallon, 29-gallon system today. I also epoxied a green slimer sps frag and moved the pink sps (I don't think it's an acropora) that has very long and hairy polyps. The composition of the tank looks a lot better now, especially with the new position of the pink sps. I haven't added carbon as a filtering medium to either tank for months and there doesn't seem to be any problem. I think the natural filtration via the substrate, live rock and macroalgae, and the protein skimme is doing a sufficiently good job. I hope the clam does okay over the next few months since a sps coral is getting very close to it.
posted 2:02 PM

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